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Squid Game Business Card

What Squid Game says Around Business cards and what they mean for your Business

Squid Game Business Card, Squid Game has conquered the world. And while there’s a lot dissect the show (the social commentary, the battle to the death, the scary robot. With that perspective, Squid Game also offers an interesting (if unexpected) lesson, and that’s about business cards. Let’s look at the show from a commercial perspective.

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Squid Game Calling Cards play a Significant Role in the Plot of the Series.

Although Squid Game cards remain used for nefarious reasons, the show provides a detailed case study on why business cards are still relevant in today’s digital world.

So, the question is, what can Squid Game’s business cards teach us about the bearing of business cards nowadays? And how can you influence those lessons to market your Business more effectively, build brand awareness, and connect with customers?

Why Does Squid Game Usage Business cards (not Communications or text Messages)?

In the show. Squid Game cards remain used to recruit players, all heavily in debt, into a game where they fight to the death for their chance to win a big cash prize: around 38.6 million dollars.

With that setup. It’s value exploring why the show decided to use business cards rather than recruit players through numerical methods like correspondence or text.

There remain a few reasons why business cards remained the best way to connect with gamers, each of which remains applicable to any real-world business looking to connect with customers:

Business cards make a Robust First Impression.

As the old saying goes. You can only make a first impression when business cards allow you to make that impression count. That good first impression can help turn people into customers. While an email or text message can be quickly forgotten A well-designed and branded business card will likely make an impression on potential clients.

Business Cards Put You in Switch of your Brand.

At Squid Game, the vendor hands out plain kraft business cards with a minimalist feel. Entirely in line with the game’s mysterious and secret branding. For example, you can experiment with different paper types and shapes (see our guide to business card size and dimensions) or design elements (such as different logo designs or font options) to convey the look. Feel, and feel of your business cards. With your business card, he can take control of your brand and make sure your card represents you and your style. And your brand message to potential customers.

Business Cards Create Subordinate Marketing Opportunities.

Every time you give somebody your business card. you are advertising them directly. But the marketing potential doesn’t stop there. Business cards can develop mini billboards for your Business Every time someone else sees your business card (for example. A friend or colleague of a client. It’s a subordinate marketing opportunity. In Squid Game, one of the fonts sees a Squid Game trading card and recognizes the brand, prompting him to ask questions about the card and its meaning. That example could easily translate to a potential customer spotting your business card.


In Squid Game, one of the characters sees a Squid Game business card and recognizes the branding, prompting him to ask questions about the card and what it means. That’s an example that could easily translate to a potential customer spotting your business card.

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