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Small Business Free Tools To Help You Raise It

Small Business Being an entrepreneur can feel threatening and isolating, especially at first. But thanks to the Internet, you don’t must to do it alone. There are tons of free online tools to help you grow your business, as well as free trials for online products that will simplify your marketing and management processes.

Take a look at our 50 favorite free or free trial tools and resources to make growing your business that much easier every day.


Getting your business out there doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some free places to start expanding our brand’s digital visibility.

1. Google My Business

The most used search engine in the world offers companies a free profile that they can use to contact their customers. Use Google My Commercial to post hours, location, pricing information, and share images and even a virtual tour, all of which will appear for your audience in Google search results.

Bonus: A more complete Google My Business profile can also improve your site’s overall SEO ranking.

2. Yellow Pages For Small Business

No, we don’t mean the huge books you sat on as a child when you weren’t high sufficient to reach the table. and the YellowPages app are a great free way to help your audience find you online, as well as invite and reply to appraisals of your product or service.

3.Howl For Small Business

Even if you’re not on Yelp, your clienteles may be speaking about you there. Claim your free Yelp business profile to pole images and busines info, see what customers are proverb about you, and respond to your critics (politely, please!).

4. Foursquare For Business

Your customers may already have your company listed on FourSquare for Busines and may already be talking about you online; Fortunately, you can join the conversation by claiming your business profile and instantly engage with your customers. FourSquare for Business is a free and prompt way to advertise to a wide audience, engage with your customers, and keep your audience informed of the latest updates about your business by managing your own in-app list.


Expanding your brand’s digital presence takes a lot of time, effort, and investment. After all the input, you need to know if your efforts are producing the desired results. Try these powerful analytics tools to screen your brand’s online circulation and look for opportunities for improvement.

5.Google Analytics

To know how successful your advertising efforts are in converting leads, you first need to know how and from where your spectators is accessing your website. Google offers incredible free analytics tools that small business owners can use to determine what’s working in their marketing plan and gain insight into their web traffic.

6. Hubspot Marketing Qualifier

Wondering if all the time, energy, and money you’re putting into marketing your business online is paying off? Use Hubspot’s free Advertising Grader tool to find out how well your blog, social media, and other numerical activities are generating leads and see how you stack up against the competition.

7. Rebound For Small Business 

If you’ve checked your numbers in Google Analytics and don’t like what you’re seeing, Unbounce might be able to help. Sign up for the 30-day free trial to design optimized landing pages for more conversions.

Marketers agree that content marketing, and blogging in particular, is key to small  brand awareness in the digital age. Get the most out of your blogging labours with some of our favorite tools.

8. WordPress.Org

We still pinch ourselves that the gold standard of blogging is absolutely free. Sign up for WordPress through your web host to create and maintain a beautiful blog for your business. And with thousands of third-party plugins to make managing your website even easier, the benefits of WordPress for digital marketing truly never end.

9. Shared Hours

For businesses with a strong blog presence and multiple team members who write, edit, and publish content, this WordPress plugin is, in a word, great. Schedule content months in advance.

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