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Commercial Dash Cam Defintions . Benefits And How To Use.

Dash Cam Benefits

Protect your reputation and your bottom line

dash cam Video evidence can give you the undisputed truth that could help you relieve your drivers and keep profits by saving money on insurance claims. Our commercial dashcams provide continuous.

reliable recording, giving you on-demand access to up to 200 hours of video evidence per device, wherever you’re connected.*

Expand your visibility in all directions with 360° dash cams

Whether you need to collect data about a crash, verify service, or ensure compliance with safety policies or regulations, Lytx shows you what happened so you can take action. Choose between street view, interior view or both. You can also add opinions from up to four added cameras.

Save valuable time

quick access to facts when you need them. Set exactly what you need so you can get back to work. Focus your search with filters, including time and date, location, or events saved by your driver, to find the exact video you’re observing for. Once you find it, you can customize your video clip to comprise the full story. Save up to 20 notes of video at a time to your library, or transfer clips and but them for as long as you like.

Use a double-sided dashcam to get the full picture

Get a comprehensive view of travel and driver behavior with advanced dual-sided commercial vehicle camera systems. The benefits of a dual-sided fleet vehicle dash cam include:

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  • Full view of both the cabin and the outside of the vehicle in the event of an incident
  • Better opportunities for driver training
  • Immediate notifications to drivers exhibiting risky driving behavior

How Do Fleet Dash Cams Work?

Dashcam starts recording video

Our dash cams are power by a wired connection that uses vehicle batteries. The cameras only start recording when a vehicle’s engine is on and moving to prevent unnecessary battery drain.

AI-connected sensors capture risky driving events

HD images are recorded continuously when a vehicle is in motion. Images are captured day and night using infrared LEDs for sharp video quality and wide-angle lenses for the roadside and driver-facing cameras.

HD images and alarm data are stored in the cloud

Driver trip recordings and alarm data are upload to the cloud, allowing fleet managers to view video and image data at any time.

Fleet managers can easily view images and videos on MyGeotab

Get notified when a video is available to view and download on the MyGeotab platform. View HD dash cam footage along with GPS data to find out who the driver was.

how fast they were successful, and where they were.

Types To Look For In A Fleet Dash Cam

Decide which of these topographies are non-negotiable for your exact business to narrow down your options and find the best commercial dash cam for your needs.

Lockable memory card cover

A tamper-resistant memory card cover gives fleet managers the authority to lock the cover while their fleet of trucks is on the move. Only key holders can solve the memory card cover and eliminate the card from the dash cam.

direct wire harness Dash Cam

Most passenger car dash cams include a 12V power cord that draws power from the cigarette socket in the cabin. This makes it easy for anyone in the vehicle to unplug the dash cam to turn it off and stop recording. A built-in wiring harness prevents unauthorized disconnection of the camera’s power supply. This prevents drivers or travellers from disabling the camera by removing the power cord and ensures the dashcam is recording as business owners and fleet managers intended.

GPS recording Dash Cam

Record vehicle speed and location on dash cam memory card along with audio and video recordings. Some dash cams will display the speed of the vehicle in the video recording files, while some systems can later play back the GPS data using an application on a computer. The ability to access GPS files is vital for your company to deny fines for irregularities and know the exact locations of your drivers on specific days and times.

parking mode of Dash Cam

It’s important to monitor your vehicle and hold your drivers accountable while your fleet is on the road.

but accidents and attempt theft can happen when your business vehicles are left unattend or park in a yard.

Many fleet-ready dashcams have a parking or observation mode to record the vehicle and its environs, even when the car is curve off.

As long as your dashcam has a constant power supply, a dashcam can be monitor 24/7 with this feature. Your dash cam pro works with dash cam features like G-sensor and motion detection and starts recording an event triggered by an impact or movement. If someone approaches your vehicle to check if your driver has left.

the vehicle doors open or if someone is damaging your truck while it is park the event will be log and save to the recall card.

remote access of the camera  Dash Cam

It allows business owners and fleet managers to remotely connect to their dashcam system. Get the latest speeding or collision push notifications delivered directly to your smartphone, email, computer or tablet. Watch real-time video from the vehicle and opinion or transfer recordings from memory card.

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