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How to Style Paper Bag Pants: 6 Paper Bag Pants Outfits

[Paper bag Pants], Paper bag pants are high-waisted pleated pants fastened at the waist with a tie or belt. The extra fabric at the top of the pants gathers around the waist and shows above the belt. Paper bag waist pants come in many fits for different body types, from wide-leg pants to skinny jeans. Paper bag pants also come in various materials, including denim, linen, cotton, and faux fur.

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3 Tips for Wearing Paper Bag Pants in Cold Weather

Try these style tips to create fall or winter outfits that make your paper bag pants stand out:

  1. Add a jacket. When pairing pieces with [paper bag pants], stick with slimming pieces like a fitted jean jacket or cropped blazer. Pair a white button-down shirt under a cropped jacket to create a business casual look. Complete this work ensemble with a pair of wide-leg pants, high heels, or loafers.
  2. Put on a sweater. Fitted sweaters look good with [paper bag pants] because they hug the body and contrast with the loose pleats of [paper bag pants]. Tuck a turtleneck sweater into a pair of wide-leg pants or wear [paper bag pants] with a cropped cardigan for a warm and comfortable look.
  3. Wear it with ankle boots. Wear heeled ankle boots with a pair of short paper bag jeans to accentuate your body shape. You can pair straight-leg or skinny [paper bag pants] with this outfit, with a long-sleeved fitted blouse on top to create a casual date night look.

How to Combine [paper Bag pants] in Hot Weather: 3 tips

Here are outfit ideas to help you style your [paper bag pants] for spring and summer:

  1. Combine it with lace-up sandals. Create a chic spring outfit with lace-up sandals and a pair of cropped [paper bag pants]. opt for lace-up sandals with a small heel or wedge, as the added height balances the ensemble.
  2. Put on a t-shirt. Pair a graphic tee with your jogger-cut [paper bag pants] for a casual outfit. Complete this relaxed look with a pair of white sneakers.
  3. Wear a tight top. The key to styling [paper bag pants] is to create a balance between your upper and lower body. Since [paper bag pants are baggy, opt for a fitted crop top or bodysuit. Crop tops, bodysuits, tank tops, and camisoles work well with high-waisted baggy pants, creating an hourglass silhouette.

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In particular, they work best on shapes with a defined waist, such as an hourglass or pear. You may want to avoid paper bag waist pants if you carry most of your weight in your midsection or lack a defined waist. For example, apple and rectangle body shapes may find the style less flattering.

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