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Ng Wheeler CleanerChemical Guys Diablo Wheel Gel is a pH-neutral wheel and rim cleaner that uses a mild, oxygenated foam to safely downlaod  clean shiny wheel surfaces. This non-caustic formula is perfect for weekly maintenance washes!

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Loosens and lifts stubborn dirt.

Don’t worry about engraving or staining anymore.

Remove brake dust before it settles permanently.

Clean without using harsh chemicals

Safely cleans all types of wheels

Save wheels from permanent damage

Brake dust and road grime are not only unsightly, they will destroy your wheels if left unchecked. Diablo Gel Wheel and Rim Cleaner uses concentrated suspension technology to remove trapped brake dust and road grime. Oxygen-enriched cleaners and slip lubricants remove dirt from the wheel and turn it into a sudsy foam that won’t scratch delicate surfaces when rubbed with a brush.


The Safest Way To Get The Sincere Clean

Many wheel cleaners use caustic acids and strong alkaline compounds to remove brake dust, which over time corrodes and destroys the shiny finishes on wheels and auto parts. Diablo Wheel Gel is mild, non-caustic and safe on all other parts of the car near the wheel. Easily rinse off overspray without fear of etching or contaminating other parts of the car!


How To Use It

Rinse wheels with a strong stream of water to remove loose dirt and soften stubborn dirt.

Spray rim cleaner on rims, tires, brakes, and suspension components.

Leave on for a few minutes to break down dirt and grime.

Use a brush to gently remove dirt and grime.

Rinse off dirt, cleaner residue, and soap with a strong stream of water and wipe dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

Please note: always test a test site before using.

How To Clean Wheels And Keep Them Clean

Use enough cleaner: ng wheeler cleaner Depending on the product, you may need more or less of a particular cleaner. Premium cleaning products usually do a better job with less. But if you find that the results aren’t really what you’re looking for, try spraying a bit more.

Scrub the Wheel: Honestly, it’s really hard to find a cleaning product that’s a true “spray and rinse” deal. This is especially true on very dirty wheels covered in dirt, road grime, and brake dust. So give it a little rub and apply the detergent!

Separate buckets: Do not wash your wheels and wash your car with the same water. This is a great way to mix contaminants and won’t do your wheels or car paint any favors.

Try a pressure washer – high-pressure water effortlessly removes brake dust and dirt from wheels. With the right wheel washer and pressure washer, you’re a game changer.

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