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Stream4u.Tv How To Download Lets See? How to download videos ? Many of us would like to transfer videos from for offline playback. Here is an article on how to download videos from such website. 3 methods are provided in the article, and all the methods could be extended to other video sharing websites.

Part 1: The best way to download videos from

2: Record videos from with the video capture plugin

Part 3: Bulk/Batch Download of Videos (For 600+ Supported Sites)

 Part 1: The best way to download videos from stream4utv

  1. Prepare yourself: Download Downloader for free
  2. Start GetFLV and navigate to the stream4u website. Play videos from and grab the URL

Play the video stream you want to transfer from GetFLV will automatically detect the video URL and display it in the “URL List”. Select the correct URL in the URL List section and click the “Download” button to create a download task. It appears like this:

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Download Videos From Stream4u.Tv

In the FLV Downloader window, you can monitor the download process. GetFLV can download your video up to 10 times the normal download speed. You can timepiece your video while it’s still transferring using GetFLV’s built-in player. You can also resume paused tasks.

:Part 2: Record videos from stream4u with the video imprisonment plugin

Video Capture can imprisonment any video with audio from any website by capturing it directly from your PC screen. It is powerful and magical. The following is a step by step guide:

Switch to the “Video Capture” window and click the “New Record” button to start a new recording task.

A new browser window will open. An empty web page will load automatically. Enter the URL of your stream4uvideo that you want to record.

Pause your video when it autoplays. (1) A “transparent window” is displayed over the video area (see below). You can resize or move this window to fit the recording area. (2) A “Settings Window” will also appear (see below). You can change the “Task Name”, “Record Duration”, “Video Format” and “Video Quality”. Click the “Next” button when you have completed your setup.

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