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Fill The Fountain Pen With A Cartridge

Fill The Fountain Pen With A Cartridge

catridge Filling a fountain pen with an ink cartridge is probably the easiest way to fill a fountain pen. Ink cartridges were invented in 1927 to make filling a fountain pen quick and painless. Ink cartridges contain the same ink as the bottle, but in a ready-to-use cartridge.

Steps To Fill A Cartridges Fountain Pen

First, check if the ink cartridge fits your pen. Not all cartridges are the same. You must match the cartridge type to your fountain pen. The most common ink cartridges is the international standard ink cartridges, but some brands have proprietary ink cartridges and are designed to accept only their own brand ink cartridges. Your pen should have originally come with at least one ink cartridges.

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Next, unscrew the grip from the body of the fountain pen. Once you’ve disassembled the stylus, you may need to remove the converter if it’s attached to the stylus. Some converters are threaded and need to be unscrewed, others are simply a compression fit that can be pulled off the pin. For some pens, such as the Lamy Safari fountain pen, you will need to remove the small cardboard ring that prevents the cartridge from being inserted during shipping.

Now that the handle section is complete, simply place the ink cartridge on the back of the tip section. Inside the pen is a small dot that contains the ink cartridge. Take the small end of the cartridges and only push it over this point. This punctures the ink cartridge and allows the ink to flow. You will usually hear a click when the pen pierces the seal on the ink cartridges.

Once the ink cartridges is in place, capillary action causes the ink to travel through the feeder and down to the tip. To speed up this route, you can “prime” the tip by squeezing or squeezing the cartridges, forcing the ink through the feed. You can then write with the pen. It may take some writing for the ink to flow through the initially dry tip and move on.

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