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Levis Ackernmanns Best Quotes

Levis Ackermann is one of the finest characters in Attack on Titan. He appears rather listless and obnoxious at first before viewers realize the events that have shaped this character into what he is. Regardless of the first impression you make, it doesn’t take long for it to develop one of the finest parts of the whole show. Watching him slice and dice titans with the utmost finesse is always one of the best parts of the entire series.

Levi rarely lets his emotions get the improved of him. Even in the most tense situations, he manages to think with a cool and clear head. meme


So is the dynamic it shares with the supposed hope of humanity. Eren may be Paradis Island’s best chance of winning against the Titans, but there’s no way Levi will freak him out if he loses control of his powers.

The  best Levi Ackerman phrases for a dose of motivation

This is just my view, but when it comes to disciplining someone, I think pain is the most effective way.

The difference among your decision and ours is knowledge. But you don’t need to trust on that. levis

 If you don’t want to die, think!

No losses. Don’t you dare die!

The only thing we are allow to do is believe that we will not regret the choice we have make.

. The lesson you must learn now cannot be taught in words, only in deeds.

We pay a price for faith.

If you had chosen to keep your hands clean, Jean would be a dead body in a car by now.

Believe in yourself, or believe in the pollsters and me.

. I believe pain is the best discipline. by levis 

The lives of some explorers are more valuable than others, only those foolish enough to realize join us.

I prefer hell where people kill each other instead of being eaten.

. You frequently find yourself in situations you don’t know about. So what you need is to act fast and make hard worst-case decisions.

“What you need is to act quickly… and at worst, make tough decisions  by levis 

The only thing we are allow to do is believe that we will not regret our decision.

That’s just my opinion, but when it comes to disciplining someone… I think pain is the most effective way.”

The idea of ​​people killing each other is something people might not like, but it’s something they can still understand. Meanwhile, the oppressive threat posed by the titans is unsettling and instills fear in everyone.

Sure, humanity may be learning more about titans today… but that doesn’t change the fact that humans will always know more about themselves than these almighty titans. Levi agrees when he decides that he, too, would prefer the evil of slaying titans to the fear of being vexed alive by a monstrous, savage being.

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