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Iriomote Hoshizora Cafe Churahoshi Taketomicho Iriomote-jima   

Iriomote Hoshizora Cafe Churahoshi Taketomicho Iriomote-jima   

Hello, everyone. Today, we will discuss Iriomote Hoshizora Cafe Churahoshi Taketomicho Iriomote-jima, an underrated Iriomote Starry Sky Cafe Churaboshi in Japan. 

This cafe is located in Iriomote Island, Japan. Its phone number is +81 980-85-6481, and you can call it to book. The address is 546-3 Uehara, Taketomi-cho, Yaeyama-gun 907-1541 Okinawa Prefecture. 

A Cafe Among Nature – Iriomote Hoshizora Cafe Churahoshi Taketomicho Iriomote-jima  

The cafe is ideally located right at the center spot on Iriomote Island so that you can be immersed in the island’s natural beauty. Nestled among the thick forest and along the Urauchi Riverbank, the cafe without a ceiling could immediately sense the warmth of the sky’s rays.  

With its remote population, Koh Ngai’s absence of light pollution makes it the perfect site for stargazing. This cafe honors the stars and their famous appearance at night. Its name, “Hoshizora,” means “starry night sky” in Japanese. It is a great idea!  Iriomote Hoshizora Cafe Churahoshi Taketomicho Iriomote-jima (2)

A small cafe with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere has just a few tables and a simple bar. During the day, rays of sunlight peep through the trees overhead as the restaurant’s patrons delight in locally produced culinary delights and drinks.  

At night, the string of fairy lights creates a mystical touch of everything around. You may go anytime you want to the Hoshizor Cafe and be treated not only to the view of the forest of mangrove trees but also to the openness of the setting that is often, if not always, reminiscent of Iriomote’s grandeur.  

 Island Cuisine Under the Stars  Iriomote Hoshizora Cafe Churahoshi Taketomicho Iriomote-jima (2)

Besides its scenery being the main attraction, the food and drink menu at the Iriomote Hoshizora Cafe has served as a rightful source of acclaim. The chef wants to highlight the tastes and cooking styles of Iriomote and other places in Okinawa. 

 The chef makes these dishes with simple ingredients, but they are delicious. From Ishigaki beef stew that evokes savory fragrances to tempura of fresh-just-caught seafood, the cuisine showcases the best flavors of the islands.  

The cafe menu lists different tropical beers and beverages. Try your favorite Okinawa fruit juice, chikuwa, in tart citrus flavor or one of our tropical tea blends, available only in this shop. A cocktail or Frosty Orion beer will be fine for sky-watching as night falls. However, the celestial show above will also be excellent as an accompaniment.  


If your schedule is tight, you can enjoy the most beautiful views and an excellent, peaceful time here. No matter when you stop by. Use the daylight hours to experience local dishes in the dappled jungle light of the cafe, making the laziest days enjoyable.  

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