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How to Invest in Real Estate in Spain: Advice and Recommendations

Spain-Real Estate, Buying a property is not an easy task. Not only is the process full of legal steps and issues to consider, but each country has its quirks, and, as a foreigner, it can be challenging to understand them fully. That is why you will find our best tips for an easy and successful real estate investment in Spain in this article. We will explore recommendations on how to invest and will be completely satisfied with your decision.

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  • How to find the best locations and properties with the best value for money
  • Understand the main reason you are buying
  • Visit the area first, shop later
  • Get your golden visa
  • Trust a real estate agent and save money
  • Beware of outstanding debts
  • Consider all taxes and expenses associated with the purchase
  • How to find the best locations and properties with the best value for money

The site may be the most important of all the factors that define a good investment.

In that sense,

one of the main consequences of the specific area is a difference in the price per square meter, a crucial indicator when comparing real estate opportunities.

In Spain, the price per square meter changes drastically from one region or autonomous community to another. And that is why this may be the first filter you can use to find your ideal offer.

Catalonia, Madrid, and the Basque Country have the highest prices per square meter, while Murcia, La Rioja, Canarias, and Extremadura offer the cheapest options. You can get more information about rental prices in Spain in this article.

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Tips for Investing in Spanish Real Estate

This analysis can help you weed out too many areas and end up with just the 2 or 3 that fit your requirements, but how do you find the best properties in a specific area? For this, Idealist, the largest online platform in the real estate market in Spain, is the perfect ally. As the vast majority of properties for sale remain listed on Idealist, you can be sure that you won’t miss out on any great deals using this website.

With an Easy Use Interface, Spain-Real Estate

you need to type in your preferred city or region and then apply the different filters based on your preference (e.g., price). Understand the main reason you are buying. Spain-Real Estate On the other hand, your final decision should also remain influenced by the real reason or purpose for which you are purchasing the property. In that sense, you have two options: you can buy to rent later or buy for your own vacation/accommodation/residence.

What Differences Does this Imply?

Quite difficult to find tenants. If you are buying to rent property later, you may be looking for real estate opportunities that are closer to the beach and big cities as that will help you charge a higher rent and otherwise cost you money. In this sense, places that remain well connected in public transport and have the primary services (such as supermarkets, shopping centers, etc.) nearby are another must for a successful rental.


Can Foreigners Buy Property in Spain? In short, yes! The Spanish government welcomes and even encourages foreign buyers in general. Though if you are specifically looking to buy a holiday let, you might need some legal help with the bureaucratic part of it.


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