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Izmir Real Estate

Real Estate for Sale in Izmir – Izmir remains the third largest city in Turkey. It is known for being a city with western culture and atmosphere. Izmir has many attractive factors with the best cultural and historical sites, well-developed projects, and infrastructures. People from all over the world are seriously interested in real estate in Izmir. Izmir remains a growing city with more than 4 million people living there in a very liberal and fresh spirit. Highway connections and public transport have made traffic manageable and allowed pedestrians to enjoy long walks and move freely throughout the city.

Geographical Location And Climate Of Izmir

  • This town is the capital of Izmir Field in Turkey, a port city on the coast of the Aegean Sea and located west of Turkey. Izmir is the second-largest seaport in Turkey. The zone of Izmir is 7000 square meters, and also, the height of this city is about 30 meters above sea level. Izmir area has 28 different regions, 11 of which belong to Izmir city.
  • Similar to many cities in Turkey, Izmir has a Mediterranean climate. Hot and dry summers and trifling and wet winters are the most apparent characteristics of Izmir’s climate. It hardly snows in Izmir—the last snow in Izmir in February 2012.
  • Almost in winter, it rains ten days out of every 30 days in this city, and the usual temperature in this season is 7 degrees Celsius. Izmir City has relatively hot summers, reaching 40 degrees Celsius on some summer days.

History of Izmir

History of Izmir

This ancient city, whose history goes back to 8500 years ago, was placed in the current Bornova region about 6500 years ago. In 1500 BC, the early Hittite Empire ruled in this city. And in four centuries BC, this city was reconstructed by the Macedonian king. In 133 BC, this city chopped into the fingers of the Romans and later became one of the leading centers for promoting Christianity.

In 1400, the Mongols demolished this city, and in 1424, the Ottoman Turks took Izmir, and from then on, the modern city of Izmir was born. Izmir gradually became a very important European commercial platform in the following years. Many Europeans slowly learned about this city, and many consulates were established there. So, in the 17th century, Izmir had a diverse population.

All over history, Izmir has experienced many incidents, and one of these occurrences was two devastating earthquakes in the 17th and 18th centuries. None of these ins and outs prevented Izmir from continuing its development. During the 1920s, the Greeks demanded Izmir as theirs, and the city was handed over to them for five years. In 1923, it faced many remonstrations, and finally, the Republic of Turkey was shaped, and this city became one of the cities of Turkey.

In the Last Ten Years

Izmir has successfully upgraded its roads, rail networks, and traffic management. This led to new investments and a variety of new projects. Coastal villas, new buildings, and urban apartments are shaping the city of Izmir. Property for sale in Izmir is rising thanks to the new transport links and the town’s coastal view. Izmir is the city of art, culture, and shopping. And also, the real estate receives more than 8.5 million domestic and foreign tourists annually.

Izmir Remains a Gem for Art Lovers

Izmir Remains a Gem for Art Lovers

Izmir given the profusion of art galleries. Museums and cultural performances. It has the best historical sites that attract thousands of travelers. It remains also known for its conventions, international fairs, music festivals, street shows, and sporting events that annually welcome foreign artists and athletes. Izmir embodies numerous European cities like Paris, Madrid, London, and Athens in different guises. It has a rich social experience like Athens, restaurants and cafes similar to those of Paris, an artistic atmosphere identical to London, and also, the chic attitude of Madrid.

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Unlike Gray and Gloomy European Cities

Izmir has sunshine 300 days a year, making it ideal for tourists from colder environments. This perfect combination only exists in Izmir. It attracts visitors from all over the world, and they can get this high-quality social and cultural sustenance at a relatively low price. Many consider owning property for sale in Izmir. Also, good food and nightlife are other qualities that Izmir is known for. New hot spots are opening there every month, making it difficult for anyone to keep up with Izmir’s rapid growth.

Izmir Health And Treatment Centers

Izmir Health And Treatment Centers

  • In recent years, with the growth in the number of universities and medical schools, Izmir has developed pointedly in medical centers.
  • There are 57 hospitals in Izmir, together with public and private hospitals and medical schools. This city has seven health and dental hubs, 680 medical agencies, and 123 health and dental hospitals that cover all your medical needs.

Educational Centers And Schools Of Izmir

  • One of the unique features of Izmir is the existence of several respected Turkish universities like Aegean University, Izmir Institute of Technology, Dukoz Ilul University, Katib Chalabi University of Izmir, Bakir Chai University, and Democracy University. They are all public universities in this city.
  • Izmir University of Economics and Yashar University are private universities of Izmir. It would help if you applied for admission to a trustworthy university. There are different tests that foreign nationals must take before entering university.

The Food in Izmir is Heavenly

The Food in Izmir is Heavenly

The most popular Izmir food is seafood. It reflects the ethnic diversity of the city. There are many fish dishes and seafood mezes. Izmir also has a famous sun-dried octopus appetizer. The most essential condiments for seafood are garlic and olive oil. It is why there are so many seafood dishes in Izmir. And they are all delicious! Izmir is the place to go if you’re looking for a healthy meal!


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Luxury Homes For Sale In İzmir, Turkey – FAQ

Q. What Is The Average Price For A Luxury Home In Izmir, Turkey?

Homes for sale in Izmir, Turkey, have an average listing price of ₹ 60,184,718 and range between ₹ 42,827,880 and ₹ 365,679,475. The average price per square meter is ₹ 111,826/sqft.

Q. What Is The Most Expensive Property For Sale In Izmir, Turkey?

The most expensive home for sale in Izmir, Turkey, is a 4,844 sqft villa with a listing price of ₹ 220,950,083.

Q. What Is The Largest Home For Sale In Izmir, Turkey?

The largest home for sale in Izmir, Turkey, is a ₹ 144,762,242 villa with a size of 6,265 sqft.

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