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How to use Voldyne 5000

Voldyne 5000, The Voldyne 5000 remains a popular incentive spirometer. The purpose of this device is to open the air sacs in the lungs after surgery, making it easier to breathe deeply and keeping the lungs clear.[1] Proper use can speed up your overall recovery and reduce your risk of developing pneumonia or other breathing problems.

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Check the Desired Target.

When using the Voldyne 5000 under the upkeep of a physician, nurse, or respiratory therapist, this healthcare professional will generally have a goal in mind. The Voldyne 5000 has a target range between 250 and 2500 ml, so your target should be within this range. These numbers indicate the volume of air your lungs can absorb. Although starting the procedure with a volume goal is generally best, it is not strictly necessary for the first use. However, you should still use the results of each user to adjust your target later.

Usual the Pointer.

Look for the yellow indicator tab on the cross of the large progressed column. Move the account up or down until it rests in the position labeled with your desired target. If you don’t have a target during your first use, you don’t need to set the pointer to any measurement. However, you will need to use the information later.

Sit Conventionally.

Move to the end of your couch or chair and sit actively conventionally. You can lean forward slightly if you want, but you shouldn’t allow yourself to slouch or slump. Similarly, you should also not allow your head to tilt backward. If you can’t move to the edge of your bed, you should at least sit as far away as possible while sitting up in bed. When you use an adjustable hospital bed, you can use the controls to raise the head of your bed and help you sit up.

Hold the Voldyne 5000 Upright.

Hold the device upright with all labels facing you. Keep the device as level as possible for the procedure to work correctly and all readings to remain accurate. You should have a strong view of the marker tab, target piston, and main piston. Note that the target piston is the yellow cylinder below the “Good, Better, Best” label on the side of the device, and the primary piston is the large white disk at the bottom of the large cylinder.

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Using the Voldyne 5000

Exhale. Exhale naturally, pushing as much air out of your lungs as possible. Breathe out through your mouth instead of your nose to expel more air at a faster rate. A complete exhalation is essential. If you only partially exhale, you won’t be able to inhale as deeply as you would with empty lungs, making it difficult to hit your target point or get accurate results.

Put the Mouthpiece in Your Mouth.

You must create and maintain an airtight seal with your lips. Firmly press your lips around the mouthpiece to create a tight seal. Change the position of the tongue as necessary to ensure that it does not block the mouthpiece and make it difficult to use. Otherwise, some of the air you inhale will come from outside the Voldyne 5000, and the resulting measurement will be less than it should be.

Inhale Slowly.

Take a deep, slow breath. Continue inhaling until you reach your marked target or can no longer inhale. If you are maintaining a proper tight seal with your lips, this inhalation should feel similar to the sensation of drinking a thick liquid through a tiny straw. Watch the goal piston as it bounces between “Good, “Better,” and “Excellent.” This gauge measures your inhalation speed, and a slower inhalation will create a better reading. Try to keep it within the “Best” and “Best” ranges. Inhaling slowly gives the air sacs of the lungs.


The Voldyne 5000 Volumetric Exerciser measures the volume of air you inspire and shows you how effectively you are filling your lungs with each inhalation. Normally, you take many deep breaths each hour usually without being aware of it.

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