Compliance software endlessly tracks, monitors, and audits business processes to ensure they comply with applicable legal, industry, and security requirements, company policies, and user canons.

Compliance software covers a range of business process and regulatory needs, including industry-specific regulations and standards, business ethics policies, acceptable use policies, financial documentation, and trading partner policies.

Top  Compliance Software Choices For 2022

Compliance software shelters a wide range of use bags for every business area. Some are gear toward creative and marketing work, some data security, some internal training, and some regulatory compliance. Here are some options to keep your entire business in line with operating standards.

Best Choice For Creative And Brand Fulfillment: Ziflow

Ziflow streamlines creative content review and approval to help artistic teams deliver projects faster by improving collaboration, concentrating feedback, and eliminating manual steps through automated workflows.

Use for:

Ziflow is a creative alliance used by creative agencies, graphic designers, video editors, and other creative specialists in healthcare, technology, consumer products, manufacturing, retail, and financial services. It serves as a complete marketing compliance record system, recording all activities and decisions on each creative asset from initial release to final approved release.

Clients include Showtime, Splash Worldwide, AWS, Hilton, McCann Group,, Toyota, and more.

Key Compliance Features:

Workflow templates give creative teams the power to create structured, reusable workflows to route assets for review and approval, and enforce consistency in creating and approving creative work. Stages can be configure to run sequentially or in parallel, and sophisticate  rules can be configure to determine what happens when a stakeholder requests changes.

Auditor roles can be customize to meet specific compliance needs in controlled industries. For example, creative teams can control who sees which possessions at specific times, so information is never bare to the incorrect people.

Track the growth of creative assets and drill down to see the status of each stage and reviewer. This activity log may be kept online for any time as regulators require.

Version management tools ensure that every version of an asset is tracked, from the initial version to the final approved version.

Formal approval tools record clear decisions about every version of every asset. Clarity of brand and marketing decision making is upheld and recorded for future reference.

Integrates with existing creative manufacture apps like Adobe Suite, Slack, Trello, and more for complete tracking of creative work across systems.

Uses a robust SOC 2 security program to secure internal or external exchange of creative assets.

Best Choice For Compliance Training: Skillcast

Skillcast is a digital learning platform to manage ethics and compliance training in companies. Its standard course libraries provide compliance training on key topics, from bribery, equality, fraud, health and safety to financial crime. In addition, Financial Services, RGPD, Insurance and Risks.

Use for:

Skillcast  use  by over 500 leading businesses to build compliance awareness in their organization. This helps reinforce consistency in business practices and increases employee awareness of regulatory risks in their industry or function.

Many clients use the standard packages, while others hire Skillcast to create fully customized content. In addition, some customers use the Skillcast Author platform to develop training and make it available through the Skillcast portal.

Key Compliance Features:

Skillcast Has Three Main Offerings:

1. Compliance Course Libraries

Skillcast offers hundreds of courses on key topics including AML, bribery, equality, GDPR, health and safety, information security, and more

The best choice for Health and Safety compliance: Donesafe

Donesafe is a comprehensive online environment, health and safety (EHS) platform that enables businesses to enter, access and report EHS data in real time. The software suite covers all EHS compliance as well as other functionality such as vendor and visitor management.

Use for:

Donesafe works with companies of all sizes in all industries and sectors. There are options to use off-the-shelf or off-the-shelf templates or create custom templates to fit the specific needs of the organization.

Key Compliance Features:

Eliminate time-consuming administrative burdens with automations.

Quickly set up workflows and forms with the drag-and-drop builder.

Add logic to make forms cleverer with show/hide fields and pre-filled fields.

Create custom reports that query any data field within the platform.

any number of custom dashboards for every job, location, or person in your organization.

Create accountability for strategic goals by determining and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs).

Work offline to collect and sync data when you come back online.

Use custom marking to make Donesafe look like your own product.

ISO27001 compliance for increased safety and reliability.

The Best Choice For Regulatory Compliance: Libryo

Compliance management platform that helps companies understand the laws that apply to their business in each jurisdiction. Use location-specific legal records to help employees navigate complex regulations with clarity and confidence.

Use for:

Libryo is used by multinationals and large companies in more than 75 countries in businesses such as banking, energy, supply chain and additional to understand regulatory complexities.

Main features:

It includes a database of custom legal records configured for each industry or type of business to provide users with personalized content.

Apply regulatory updates and notify users with real-time notifications or emails.

Keep all team members aligned and in the loop with notes to view and act on.

Users can search the Libryo file by topic or keyword to find the information that is important to them.

Provides regulations and legal updates in plain, jargon-free language for non-legal users.

Built-in translations ensure that all memberships of global teams can comprehend legal requirements.

It integrates seamlessly with governance, risk and compliance (GRC) systems, management systems, risk assessments and audit reports.