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What Are The Best Cybersecurity Certifications?

best cybersecurity certifications for 2022″, you will get more than 11 million results in about a second. This can be overwhelming for those looking for the right certification.

In the vast sea of ​​options, you need trusted industry sources to help you find the best. When we say “best” we mean the cybersecurity certifications cited in the Global Knowledge 2021 Salary and Skills Report as follows:

The Most Used IT Professional Certifications Around the World

The highest paying certifications in North America and/or

Most Followed Technician Certifications

Read on to find examples of the best cybersecurity certifications on the market today.

Comptia Security+

According to Global Knowledge, CompTIA Security+ is one of the most widely used certifications in the world. CompTIA Security+ also appears on Global Knowledge’s list of highest paying cyber security certifications, earning an average of $107,947* per year.

By passing the CompTIA Security+ exam, IT professionals demonstrate their ability to help employers defend against cyber attacks. Many different job titles use CompTIA Security+. Just a few examples are system administrators, security engineers, and security consultants. Job profiles covered by CompTIA Security+ are classified by the BLS under Network and Computer System Administrators. The median annual pay for these roles is $91,250. CompTIA Security+ lays the groundwork for additional cybersecurity certifications later.

Certified Information Security Manager (Cism)

The Certified Info Security Manager (CISM) certification appears on Global Knowledge’s lists of highest paid, most popular and most followed certifications. ISACA CISM, which pays an average of $146,880*, is an advanced certification.

The CISM certification is intended for IT professionals with five years of infosec experience, such as B. Information security managers, prospective managers, or IT security consultants who have the knowledge to set up and maintain an information security program (Infosec) for companies.

Certificate In Risk Control And Information Systems (CRISC)

CRISC is one of Global Knowledge’s most followed and highest paid cybersecurity certifications with an average annual salary of $148,336*. Helps applicants gain a deep understanding of the impact of IT risks on individual organizations.

CRISC is intended for technicians with at least three years of experience managing enterprise-level information security programs, such as: B. Business analysts, CIOs, CISOs, project managers, and other IT professionals. These people should have experience in risk management, control, compliance and assurance. Certificate holders can expertly assess IT risks and design information system controls.

Certified Public Accountant In Information Systems (CISA)

CISA is another of Global Knowledge’s highest paying cybersecurity certifications, earning an annual salary of $132,026*. In addition, it is one of the most used certifications.

The CISA exam validates the expertise of technicians who test IT and business systems. Certification holders know how to stop deception and noncompliance, analyze audit results, and report them to the affected organization. Although CISA is difficult to obtain, it is a good option for technicians looking to improve their auditing and security skills.

Comptia Security+ Certification

The CompTIA Security+ certification is designed for people who started their careers in IT or who have already entered the IT industry. This certification allows individuals to gain expertise in the following areas and ensure systems are secure and robust.

The certification is verified globally and is also trusted around the world, where it validates knowledge of IT security skills and tests operational knowledge. The person who successfully completes this certification program can understand and implement IT security best practices.


The person must have a valid degree in information technology.

2 years of networking experience is ideal but not essential

It is recommended that you whole the Network+ certification before attempting the Security+ certification.

Benefits of certification:

Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities: In this section, the individual will understand the various causes and also the scenarios in which threats and attacks occur and how to mitigate them.

Technologies and tools – To mitigate or protect your existing platform, you need to investigate new technologies and tools that will help you manage your activities effectively.

Risk Management – ​​This section helps you understand the standard policies and procedures that help you understand and apply business policies that reduce risk and impact.

Architecture and Design – Helps you design your security frameworks from the ground up

Cryptography: the basic concepts of cryptography are introduced.

Identification and access management: This helps you allocate the right resources at the right time. All user access controls are managed in this section

Certification costs:

CompTIA Security+ certification costs approximately $179

Average salary :

The average salary for someone who has received the Security+ certification ranges from $43,450 to $96,840. The salary depends on the experience and the field in which the person is going to be employ. All external factors come into the picture and must also be considere.

 Sscp – Certified Systems Security Professional

With the help of the Systems Safety Certified hands-on course, participants gain an overview of the security strategies that a business organization must go through. Furthermore, these practices will really help protect and manage the organization’s confidential information.


Some work experience in information systems and in particular security-related work experience is ideal.

Working knowledge of information security practices is important

You should have worked full time in the above fields for at least one year.

Benefits of certification:

The person will be able to understand all policies related to access control

The person will be at a stage where he can implement security operations.

Identifies opportunities to continuously monitor system access results.

She will be in a phase of defining countermeasures for situations such as virus attacks, logic bombs and Trojans, etc.

SSCP Certification Costs Around $250

Average salary :

The average pay for a person who completes SSCP ranges from $62,300 to $94,600. The salary depends on the state in which you will work.Also,  Some external factors also determine her salary.

CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Also, With the help of the Certified Information Systems Security Professional course, the individual will be expose to security issues and able to deal with them in a professional manner. The individual is able to translate standard practices into implementation.


The individual must be able to demonstrate at least 5 years of full-time work experience. The person must be in identity and access management or security engineering.

Take the certification exam, e.g. B. CISSP, and get at least 700 out of 1000 points. The full exam lasts 6 hours and includes different types of questions.

Once the certification exam is complete, it must be validate against the ISC Code of Ethics.

Benefits of certification:

Also, The person shows signs of working knowledge of information security issues.

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